Robinhood — the legend that stole from the rich and gave to the poor — is a myth, according to many historians. Now, some are wondering if the revolutionary zero-fee trading app of the same name is the sequel to the legend or its nemesis.

Is Robinhood, the app, the real deal or is it colluding with the Sheriff of Nottingham to help King John … in this case, Wall Street?

In the aftermath of the GameStop saga, when Robinhood became the front line in a war between Wall Street and a new breed of retail investors, the bastion of…

Social distancing is harder than you might think for some. Divorce filings are surging presumably because married couples aren’t used to spending this much ‘quality time’ together or dealing with coronavirus-related financial stress, and teenagers or other youth with too much energy to expend insist they will go mad.

Some think, or hope, it will all end in two weeks with Trump controversially suggesting that he wants things back to normal by Easter, but new computer modeling research from Harvard University warns that it may be necessary for social distancing measures maintained into 2022 in the U.S. …

From new opportunities for dictators and the quarantine ways of the obnoxiously wealthy to genuinely desperate measures to keep people at home in the United States, militant peace in Colombia and a failed attempt to keep women from “nagging” in Malaysia, the coronavirus lockdown is playing out very differently around the world.

Another Opportunity for Putin

In Moscow, coronavirus has proven a great opportunity to roll out a massive network of surveillance cameras and implement facial recognition software to keep tabs on those violating lockdown measures.

Facial recognition is being used to identify individuals who have been ordered into quarantine…

The sale of American social security numbers through dark channels is a booming business that rakes in millions upon millions for criminals.

It costs only $4 to buy a social security number (SSN) on the dark web, according to a new report that compiles the results of a two-year investigation by Atlas VPN, a leading virtual network provider.

How do your numbers end up for sale on the dark web in the first place?

One of the most common scams is a phone call telling you that your SSN has been suspended due to suspicious activity or because it’s been…

Generally speaking, being a celebrity means having an outsized carbon footprint. That means that by default, just getting rid of celebrities would help us fight against climate change. That goes for pretty much every major celebrity except … Keanu Reeves, the outlier who doesn’t even have an email account and has no clue what everyone’s saying about him on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Why do celebrities have outsized carbon footprints? They lead energy-intense lifestyles beyond the norm, and their carbon consumption is massively intense. And what they do, the masses do, like lemmings. …

It’s the height of efficiency. Campaign while you date. It kills two birds with one stone, making the most of popular dating apps during an intense presidential campaign season.

Perhaps it used to be that talking politics on a dating site would be an instant mood-killer. But not any longer. In fact, it seems to have become common practice for political campaigners to infiltrate dating apps, and if they happen to find love or temporary companionship at the same time, well, all the better.

Political campaigners across the country are using dating apps like Tinder, PlentyofFish, eHarmony and others to…

The space race has begun. Private companies have exploded, soaring beyond multiple billion-dollar valuations seemingly overnight. Some of the hottest tech companies on the planet are already facing off for a piece of the pie. But there’s a looming crisis that, if not addressed, could bring the entire industry crashing down. Literally.

After over 60 years of space exploration, humankind has left a lot of trash behind. Already, hundreds of thousands of pieces of space debris are in orbit. …

Be careful what you build. If it gets too big, you may become a billionaire, but there’s a chance you end up in an increasingly popular club for entrepreneurial geniuses who have been ousted from their own companies.

The latest is WeWork’s Adam Neumann, who has been summarily dismissed as CEO after a horribly botched IPO.

In all fairness, the CEO of the office-sharing startup even voted against himself, according to reports, but it was likely to happen with or without his own vote. …

Did you know that in 2018 alone, internet users spent a collective 2.8 MILLION years online? That’s a lot of data.

And over 33 percent of that time was spent on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

These websites have become some of the most valuable companies in the world…

And that’s all thanks to the information they extract from their users.

While it doesn’t seem like an exciting market at first glance, data is reshaping the world as we know it.

In fact, data is quickly becoming a commodity more valuable than gold, silver…

And even crude oil.

Technological breakthroughs have always resulted in massive shifts in society, geopolitics and even war, but the new race between the United States and China for A.I. dominance could potentially spark a new kind of conflict

On the surface of the escalating tit-for-tat trade war, China and the U.S. seem to be hurling tariffs at one another, regardless of how it may affect economies across the globe.

But what’s happening behind the scenes suggests there may be more to these Twitter posts than the general public might think.

There is a race developing between the United States and China that is…

Michael Kern

I am a journalist and financial copywriter. My work has been featured on CNN Money, Business Insider, The Guardian, and Nasdaq.

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